Processing with PixInsight LE

PixInsight is an image processing software solution for the world of astrophotography created by Pleiades Astrophoto with the help of a team of world-class astrophotographers. PixInsight Limited Edition (LE) is a freeware subset of PixInsight Standard. PixInsight LE allows you to perform some basic image processing and is also an introductory preview to the full standard edition. Yet, PixInsight LE includes exactly the same IEEE 32-bit floating point processing engine, the same powerful, object-oriented user interface, and some of the high-precision fundamental processing tools implemented in PixInsight Standard. During the development of PixInsight Standard PixInsight LE could be freely downloaded from their server. The developers of PixInsight Standard made a few tutorials, based on PixInsight LE, which are very useful and form also the basis for PixInsight Standard processing.

-Vignetting and Sky Gradient Correction
The DynamicBackgroundExtraction Process in PixInsight LE

-Histograms and Curves Adjustments
Basic Histograms and Curves Adjustments in PixInsight LE

-Exponential Transforms
PIP (Power of Inversed Pixels) and SMI (Screen-Mask-Invert) in PixInsight LE

-Noise Reduction Strategy
Divide and Conquer Noise Reduction Strategy: Wavelets and SGBNR in PixInsight LE

-Multiscale processing
Multiscale Processing of Deep-Sky Images with PixInsight: M33 POSS II Image

On their website you can also find a PixInsight LE Online Help.

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