Super Moon Eclipse (28-09-2015)

In the night of September 28th the Moon was in its perigee and moved also through the shadow of our Earth. This rare event is called a Super Blood Moon. This time-lapse video is made from 840 images made with an 300mm F/2,8 Nikkor lens and a ASI120MC camera.

Animation of the lunar eclipse

On September 28 the eclipsed super Moon did occult star HD964. At 02h46m UT the star popped up on the north-western limb of the red Moon. The star is of magnitude 9,2 and just to the right a second star can be seen, this star is of magnitude 9,5. This time-lapse video is made from 85 images, exposed 2 seconds each, made with an 300mm F/3,7 Newton telescope and Canon 600D.

© Coyright Rob Kantelberg
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