Time Lapse Imaging

For time lapse imaging I use my older EQ3 mount with the RA axis in horizontal position. In this configuration I can use the Dec axis for horizontal rotation and the RA axis for altitude movement. To control this The Dec motor is connected to the RA output from the controller for constant horizontal rotation. The RA axis is connected to the DEC output of the controller in order to manually control the altitude movement when needed/desired. The DSLR camera is mounted on the EQ3 with the famous "Witty" in order to be able to set the desired altitude at the beginning of each sequence (I normally start with the mount in horizontal position).

EQ3 mount with camera

Detail imaging platform

I use qDslrDashboard for image capturing. qDslrDashboard is a free cross platform application for controlling Nikon and Canon DSLR cameras. For building the time lapse sequence I currently use VirtualDub but I'm also looking into LRTimelapse. As LRTimelapse needs Adobe Lightroom (both commercial software) a significant amount of money (~ 260 euro) needs to be spend but it will bring you lots of nice features to improve your time lapse video's.
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