Baader Multi-Purpose Coma Corrector

For astro imaging I use a 300mm F/5 Newton telescope which is equipped with a hyperbolic main mirror. These scopes deliver good images with smaller CCD camera's but when DSLR's or bigger CCD camera's are used coma will pop up in the corners of the image. In order to cope with this I purchased a MPCC (Multi Purpose Coma Corrector). Key is that these correctors are placed at a precise distance from the imaging plane (CMOS or CCD). This distance is 55mm. Find below a test image of M27 made with the 300mm Newton, MPCC and a Canon 10D DSLR camera. When you click on the marked corners you will get an full resolution image of the corresponding corners. The results show that this relatively "low cost" coma corrector works very well for this kind of telescopes.

© Copyright Rob Kantelberg
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